OCCY Laboratory’s Aquafolia dermo-cosmetics creation was motivated by the fight against the visible signs of aging and skin problems.

The Scientific Approach

The research team is constantly on the lookout for new ingredients and technologies, carefully reviewing new therapeutic approaches and the synergy that exists between the active ingredients in each formula. Nothing is left to chance, which is why our formulas redefine the concept of performance, creating products that are unique in every aspect.

Aquafolia products have an undeniable advantage over others. Why? Because the formulas produce visible results, taking into consideration the laws of skin absorption. The intelligent, high-performance formulas respect the integrity of the skin.

Egyptian Magic

The Ancient Egyptians’ secret all-natural cream

The Story of Egyptian Magic begins in 1986 at a Chicago Diner when an elderly man approached Westley Howard (The name Mr. ImHotepAmonRa was then known as), who was passing through as a water filter salesman at that time. The elderly man said to Westley, “Brother, the Spirit has moved me to reveal something to you.”. In that moment, Mr.ImHotepAmonRa said, ” It didn’t seem too weird to me. I’m a Spiritual person, so these things happen to me all the time.”

The stranger´s name was Dr. Imas. He never revealed his last name or made it clear what kind of doctor he was. Over the next two years, Dr. Imas periodically visited Mr. Howard in Washington and showed him how to make a skin cream from olive oil, beeswax, bee pollen, royal jelly and bee propolis (a substance that seals hives).

Dr. Imas claimed it was the exact formula for a cream found in ancient Egyptian tombs.


The experience of Julius and the magic of Isis result in JULISIS

The Egyptian goddess Isis was believed to be the most powerful magician in the universe. Isis, the «Lady of Life», is often depicted holding the Ankh, the symbol of eternal life. Gifted with the ability to cure mind, body and spirit, she is the mighty healer. Isis is further known as the Divine Physician and considered the patron saint of the alchemists.

Julius Eulberg has been an entrepreneur in the cosme­tic and fragrance industry since 1989. His work and expertise focus on the de­velopment, production and distribution of pure organic skin care products and fragrances. In 1991 he in­vented 'OK-Tissues', a patented system of aroma­therapeutic towelettes.
He created a number of products for Comme des Garçons Parfums, Kirna Zabete fragrances ( and Sphatika International, a SPA concept employing quartz crystal elixirs. ( In 1998 he designed and created Jules & Jane (, a symbiosis between Western knowledge and Indian Ayurveda.


THERMES MARINS DE SAINT-MALO Spa Cosmetic is a Marine and Natural Cosmetic which combines Sensoriality and Efficiency.
The line THERMES MARINS DE SAINT-MALO is composed of Global Anti-Ageing, Facial and Body products, with best marine and plant active ingredient in optimal concentration to meet all the needs of all skin types.

little Butterfly London

Once upon a Butterfly

After having her son, founder Gudrun Wurm found herself searching for organic skincare products to enjoy for herself and her baby during those special early times together.
Having looked near and far, she was surprised to find nothing that was organic and safe, as well as luxurious and impeccably packaged. Not one brand shone out for its beautiful natural ingredients.
And so Gudrun delved deeper into the study of organic ingredients - those precious natural gifts that nurture delicate skin. Until one day, inspired by an iridescent butterfly that seemed to embody her dream and her son Lucas, Little Butterfly London finally unfolded.
The British brand for mothers with sky-high standards.
Luxury certified organic mother and baby skincare.