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For many years our passion is cosmetics. We are keeping an eye on trends and innovations. Especially in natural cosmetics we see greatest potential. The fact that bio does not mean a selfmade avocado face mask is demonstrated by more and more creative product developers. They present their novelties in a modern and aesthetic look with highly developed active ingredients from nature.
Thanks to our large network, we know both the needs of consumers and retailers. Our goal is always to find the tailor-made solution for each of our customers.


The most important for us are formulations consisting of natural ingredients. They should not pollute the skin or the environment. In our portfolio, therefore, we have exclusively natural products. brings together an unparalleled selection of the world’s fnest natural and organic beauty brands. All are handpicked and tested: products must be created using the highest possible percentage of high grade, ethically sourced natural and organic ingredients; and they must be effective, luxurious and guilt-free. We insist on NO Parabens, NO SLS's and NO animal testing.
Beyond this we seek out the most innovative companies and strive to support morally run and environmentally driven businesses.


Due to the ever-increasing environmental impact, we strive to make our lives at least personally healthy. This starts with the diet and goes up to the cosmetic care. Chemical substances, which should actually remain on the surface, according to the latest scientific knowledge, contrary to the general opinion, very well enter the blood circulation and additionally burden our organism. That is why we decided to focus on the essentials with and we want to help the trend towards natural cosmetics to an even greater extent. Products from natural cosmetics and organic luxury make it possible for our body and our environment to do just as well. Valuable and natural ingredients as well as production processes that try to impose as little as possible on nature are the best arguments to market high-quality natural cosmetics and organic luxury.

Valeska Jansen

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Freelance Journalist
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Journalist and Business Consultant in Europe. More than 30 years experience of beauty, jewelry and fashions industrie.

¬ę¬Ľ is a team of freelancing specialists, individual organized to gain the best profit for our brands and us.