‘A daily bathing ceremony is one of life’s simplest luxuries.
It is a chance to prepare yourself for the day ahead or reflect on the day just gone.’

The award winning Abahna collection was founded in 2005 by Claire Croft who took inspiration from the exotic bathing ceremonies & spas of India & the Far East; her aim being to re-awaken people to the idea that bathing could be both rewarding and therapeutic.

This approach to bathing is ancient and is behind the name Abahna. Influenced by the world’s many and varied bathing traditions, Abahna borrows from ‘nahana’ (Urdu for to have a bath), the Russian ‘banya’ and the Portuguese ‘banho’.

ABAHNA is pride themselves on their product formulations and packaging aesthetics and carefully choose English suppliers who meet their high standards.

Found in some of the most prestigious stores and hotels around the world, Abahna has become a firm favourite of royalty, celebrities and supermodels.

Text and images by ABAHNA