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The products are absolutely divine - delicately packaged and perfect for everyone, not only newborn babies. My eldest daughter has moderate eczema and I have been using the nappy cream on her eczema patches and it has totally transformed her skin. The massage oil is a real treat. The products are original and a lot of dedication and research have gone into producing such an amazing range of skin products.
(Dr. Chrissie Yu has three children)

I absolutely trust this range and also use it for my own daughter. The body lotion has helped remove all the dry skin patches and she has again soft and perfectly smooth skin.
(Dr. Romana Altenhuber has three children)

Jacqui McCauly, Midwife, London, U.K.

This nappy cream is amazing. Truly never tried one of this quality before. In fact I even use it myself on my own face and lips and literally everywhere I feel that my skin needs extra nourishment and care.
(Jacqui has two children)

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